Tetraflip is the largest hackathon conducted by VIT-Chennai.Tetraflip Hackathon will bring together talented students to compete over 48 hours to develop creative solutions for real-time problems. The Hackathon is designed to spark innovation, attract and educate new talent and create new channels for collaboration between students and professionals.TetraFlip promises to be an amazing event rife with the spirit of innovation and opportunities to bag Internships and to experience the tutelage of experienced mentors as you network with brilliant minds from around the globe.You will usually meet people who have the same interests and skills as you. Present your work in front of tens or hundreds of people. It will be intimidating but exciting.

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14th April 2021 12:00 AM
Applications Open

29th April 2021 09:00 AM
Applications Close

29th April 2021
Shortlisted Teams Released

30th April 2021 12:00 PM
RSVP Deadline

30th April 2021 06:00 PM
Hack Kicks Off



FAQs Accordion
  • Does Tetraflip Hackathon have a Code of Conduct?

    We want Tetraflip to be a safe and welcoming space for programmers. Having a Code of Conduct makes the process of reporting incidents as simple as possible and provides guidelines for behavior at events.
  • How long is the Hackathon for?

    It is a 48 hour long hackathon.
  • Are there any prerequisites or required skills?

    Anyone is welcome to participate in this event. While experience coding and programming is a huge plus, teams will also need people with strong presentation skills and brilliant ideas.
  • Do I need a team?

    While you do have the option of working alone, Hackathon is a team event so working with others is encouraged. Tetraflip is a team event,so a team of 2-4 is encouraged.
  • How much does it cost?

    It's a free event for all.
  • Is this an onsite hackathon?

    No,keeping in mind the present situation due to COVID-19,this is strictly an online event.Further details will be intimated
  • Is this event only for VIT students ?

    No, anyone can participate.
  • How can I Register?

    You can register by clicking on the registeration link, click on the blue color 'Apply with Devfolio' button which is there on the landing banner and on clicking it you will have to create an account and fill all the required input fields
  • Who can participate?

    It is open to students from all colleges. Working professionals and school students are NOT allowed to participate
  • Can all college students participate?

    Yes, it is open to students of all years and from all disciplines.
  • Do I have to stay the whole time?

    No, you only need to be present only during the opening ceremony, workshops, reviews, final presentation and closing ceremony.
  • What will be the basis of judgement?

    The following will be taken into account: 1. The marks alloted to you by the mentors during the reviews. 2. The marks alloted by the judge panel during the final presentation. The decision of the organising committee would be final and abiding.
  • Can students from different colleges form a team?

    Yes, students from different colleges can be part of the same team
  • This is my first Hackathon. Are there any pre-requisites?

    There are no prerequisites. Just some curiosity and zeal to learn would suffice. We would love to host your first Hackathon!
  • Can I include more than one domain in my submission?

    No, you cannot include more than one domain in your submission